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Instant PHP Platforms on DigitalOcean, Linode, AWS, & Rackspace

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Painlessly create Laravel platforms on the cloud of your choice. All servers include:

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Simple Deployments

Once your server is running, use Quick Deploy to deploy updates to your applications with a simple Git push.

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Any PHP Framework

Forge isn't only for Laravel. It's a breeze to power sites using other popular frameworks like Symfony, Silex, and Zend.

More Badass Features

Master Your Domain

Instantly configure Nginx for any domain or sub-domain.

Build a Network

Simple private networking links servers for horizontal scaling.

Full Shell Access

Retain total control of your server including full shell access.

Queue Up

Quickly start supervised Laravel queue workers.

Stay On Schedule

Painlessly configure scheduled Artisan tasks or Cron jobs.

HHVM Ready

Want HHVM? You got it! Installed in minutes.

Read The Recipe

Store your shell scripts and run them across your servers.

Secure By Default

Firewall configured. No password access. SSH keys only.

SSL Ready

Installing SSL certificates has never been this easy.

$9 Monthly*

Unlimited Servers, Sites & Deployments

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*Forge monthly cost does not include costs from your cloud provider.